Unplug from the World - Plug In to God
Dear Mom & Dad,
We went on a hike up to a cliff where we could see Mt. Rainier. We saw a fox run across the trail! Camp is so cool! I'm making lots of new friends.

There's nothing quite like a week of camp!

Camp is an amazing mix of fun activities, campfire songs and stories, learning about God, craft time, hiking, playing in the creek, yummy camp food, and much, much more. Plus, when you add our trained counselors and staff with the sole purpose of honoring the King of Kings, it becomes clear. A week at Pleasant Valley Camp can change your life.

And that's our goal - to make each week at camp a life changing experience where our program, people, and place draw you closer to Jesus.

We invite you to send your kids or come as a family, and let life take on an eternal purpose as you focus on Jesus Christ.

May. 2 - May. 3Man Camp
May. 23 - May. 26Memorial Day Service Camp
Sep. 4 - Sep. 6Senior Saints Camp
Oct. 3 - Oct. 5Women's Retreat
Jun. 26 - Jun. 28First Chance Camp
Jul. 12 - Jul. 17Middle School Camp
Jul. 19 - Jul. 25Family Camp
Jul. 26 - Jul. 31High School Camp
Aug. 9 - Aug. 15Junior Camp