Head Cook and Assistant Cook (Summer Season - July 2017)

Cooking teams have always been people with a passion for camping, kids, and good food. It isn't an easy job - but it can be very rewarding. There is no substitute to seeing the face of a camper light up when their favorite meal comes out - or the satisfied look of weary counselors after receiving a great meal. A great meal experience can change the disposition of someone's heart and mind and help them to get more out of camp. Camp changes lives - and cooks are no small part of God's work to do that!

Summer Schedule: 

1st Chance Camp: June 29th - July 1st  Middle School Camp: July 9th - 14th

High School Camp: July 16th - 21st  Family Camp: July 23rd - 28th

Junior Camp: August 6th - 12th     Senior Saints: September 7th - 9th

The Head Cook is the person most responsible for the presentation and delivery of a great meal experience.  Working with a team of volunteers and staff it is their job to oversee, coordinate, and lead the team to success.

The Assistant Cook helps the Head Cook by helping run logistics, prep, or inventory as the Head Cook oversees and prepares the meals. 

  • Compensation: (Head Cook) $15/hr plus overtime (Assistant Cook) $14/hr plus overtime. Typical Week is between 40 and 60 hours. Housing, meals, and Camp Shirt/Mug are also included.
  • Requirements: Head Cook must have prior cooking experience and know how to cook for large groups. Assistant Cook needs to have cooking experience or skill. No certification or degrees required though always a plus.
  • Head Cook Job Duties: Works under the Executive Director and is responsible for the implementation of a meal plan and schedule. They oversee the Assistant Cook, Work Crew (volunteers) and work with Camp Staff. They are ultimately responsible to prep, serve, and clean up after every meal service. The head cook is expected to maintain a knowledge of inventory and communicate needs or changes promptly to the Executive Director. 3 Meals per day with snacks and deserts throughout the day.
  • The Assistant Cook Job Duties: Works under the Head Cook to help deliver meals. The head cook will determine where best the assistant cook can serve (either in prep, inventory, delivery, or other areas) in preparing and serving meals. 

Summer Camp Medics (July / August 2017)


This role is primarily a child-supervision and care role as needed. As often as not the nurse is free to read a book, go for a walk, sit by the playground, or play with the kids as long as they are accessible. But when there is an injury, sick camper, or emergency situation we rely on our nurse to be professional and knowledgable - working with campers, counselors, and staff to determine the best course of medical care for our campers.

  • Compensation: $50 a day stipend, Housing, Meals, and a Camp Shirt or Mug.
  • Requirements: Must have been trained as an EMT, Paramedic, Military Medic, or Registered Nurse. Current/Active certification or registration is not required but desirable. 
  • Duties: Nurses are "on call" 24/7 during a camp program. This begins with check-in where the medic will be asked to meet and understand the medical needs of every camper including medication schedules, allergies, and other conditions and sensitivities. During a week of camp medics will work with campers and counselors to ensure that medication is taken on the schedule they are given by parents/doctors. The nurse is also the primary decision-maker, along with the Executive Director (when available), in deciding when campers will be taken to the emergency room or sent home due to sickness or injury. All major injuries and sicknesses will be reported to parents and the Medic may be asked to talk with parents or fill out an incident report.