Adult Counselors and Leaders

Every summer we have adult counselors and leaders (age 18+) who help us provide a safe environment for our campers as well as support and mentorship for our student counselors and CITs. Being an adult counselor means working long days–it’s an awesome and important responsibility. Because adult counselors and leaders are such an important part of ensuring the positive spiritual guidance and physical safety of our campers and student counselors, we take the application and selection process very seriously.

To apply to be an adult counselor or leader, you will need to have a completed application and criminal background check before you can serve. Click the buttons below to get started.

Student Counselors and CITs (Counselors in Training)

Who are student counselors? They are all about building relationships with kids and helping them connect with God. If these things are on your heart and you are a responsible student, this might be an opportunity for you! Counselors and CITs usually work with small groups of four to eight kids, leading them through every aspect of camp. It can take a lot of energy and patience, but your investment in the lives of these campers makes a huge impact!

To be a student counselor or CIT you must submit a completed application before you can serve. Please click the button below to apply.