2018 Update

High School Camp is in need of a church, pastor, or team of volunteers to help in imagining, creating, and directing this important program. For many people high school camp is the place where they made major life decesion or where they met friends for life. Help us keep High School Camp going for this and future generations by filing out the form below. Thank you!

Interested in Helping with High School Camp 2018? Fill out the form below to let us know!

Please note that all volunteers must pass a background check and complete a screening application and interview to participate.



Registration opens January 1st 2018

We hope you join us for High School Camp!


High School Camp is a great opportunity for high school students to grow and take on new challenges. We’re gathering together a team of people who love working with this age – people who know that high school kids can change the world. This week will be full of adventures and challenges to overcome – opportunities to build confidence and try new things. Our trained and qualified staff, medics, and amazing volunteers will lead your student through this journey. Our goal is to help high schoolers discover who they are and what they can do through Christ-centered programing and teaching.