Camp Store Restoration and Expansion

Our Camp store is one of the oldest structures we have on camp and has gone through a number of restorations, moves, and repairs through its life. We'd love to see this precious piece of our history and facilities live on for future generations while also expanding on its design and use. In several phases we will begin to repair and restore damage and rot. While we do this we will also prepare the store for expansion. In its final phase we imagine the space to have room for a functional book and merchandize area, candy and snack store, and seating / meeting space.  This will give us greater use for this space as it will be a place for people to gather, to meet, to pray, or to study / read / write on their own.

  • Phase 1 Budget: $10,000
  • Funds Raised: $10,000 (through previously donated development funds)
  • Help Needed: We could use your input and ideas on the final project! Any photos, drawings, or other design ideas are more than welcome. Additionally we need carpenters and people with construction experience to help repair and prepare this building.
  • Phase One Completed By: 2017 Year End (or Earlier)
  • Phase Two Completed By: 2019 - Donations needed!