A New Look for 2015

Hello friends!

I know we haven't quite reached the end of 2014 and we're all ready talking about next year - but bear with me. In case you haven't noticed we've been sprucing things up around camp and trying to do so everywhere our work touches your lives.

This year we received all kinds of feedback on areas that needed improving and, with some serious elbow grease (and a ton of your help!), we've made some great strides this year.

Our previous website, which was an amazing donation we received, was a great step forward from what we'd had before. This year we really listened to the feedback we received and decided to make one more big change.

We feel our new site gives us the flexibility we needed to make our site easy to navigate and use. We hope that you enjoy the new site and, as always, appreciate any feedback you might have.

Thanks and God Bless,

Corey Wilson