Winter Retreat Camp Medic (February 17th 6pm - February 20th 2pm 2017)

Our Camp Medic position is a critical part of our team ensuring that campers and safe and cared for.

This role is primarily a child-supervision and care role as needed. As often as not the nurse is free to read a book, go for a walk, sit by the playground, or play with the kids as long as they are accessible. But when there is an injury, sick camper, or emergency situation we rely on our nurse to be professional and knowledgable - working with campers, counselors, and staff to determine the best course of medical care for our campers.

  • Compensation: $50 a day stipend, Housing, Meals, and a Camp Shirt or Mug.
  • Requirements: Must have been trained as an EMT, Paramedic, Military Medic, or Registered Nurse. Current/Active certification or registration is not required but desirable. 
  • Duties: Nurses are "on call" 24/7 during a camp program. This begins with check-in where the medic will be asked to meet and understand the medical needs of every camper including medication schedules, allergies, and other conditions and sensitivities. During a week of camp medics will work with campers and counselors to ensure that medication is taken on the schedule they are given by parents/doctors. The nurse is also the primary decision-maker, along with the Executive Director (when available), in deciding when campers will be taken to the emergency room or sent home due to sickness or injury. All major injuries and sicknesses will be reported to parents and the Medic may be asked to talk with parents or fill out an incident report.