New Bunk Beds!

This was a really exciting project to complete. Our new beds are more comfortable, wider, and have easier access and safety due to their construction and design. All of our cabins and both of the dorms have these new bunks. Thank you to everyone who helped make this project possible!

Bell Tower Project

One member of our camp family donated a bell from the deck of a decommissioned US Navy ship this last year. Our team at Serve Camp this year was able to help build this new housing and platform so that we can use it to call campers in from all over camp!

Dishes and Dishwasher!

Easily one of our most exciting projects in 2016 was the purchase and installation of a new dishwasher. Along with this installation came the purchase of much needed plates, cups, and bowls for our campers and guests to use. Not only does this make our dining experience more enjoyable but it also cuts down on expense and waste - while actually using less water than our old dishwasher! Tons of people who have had the pleasure of eating off our new serving ware have expressed their excitement and joy - and we're just as excited! Thanks to everyone who helped make this a possibility!

New Pool Fence and Facilities!

After a couple years of working on restoring our pool we're really excited to see it nearing completion. This most recent achievements being a new pool fence and the replacement of the old equipment shed facilities. The new fence allows for greater safety as it allows us to see in to the pool enclosure and know that no one is in there without supervision. Additionally it really opens up the pool area - giving people a feeling of being more "outdoors" and generally making the pool look nicer. Thank you to all our awesome volunteers and staff who worked hard on this project!

Archery Project!

This year we really put some new resources into our Archery program here at PVCC. We purchased new bows, new safety equipment, and materials for the range. Our goal was to give new excitement and functionality while simultaneously providing greater safety. This year we saw tons of campers and guests fall in love with archery as they challenged themselves to learn a new skill. It was really exciting. Thanks to everyone who helped with this project!!

The Ga-Ga Ball Pit

Easily one of the most used pieces of game equipment in 2016! Ga Ga Ball, for those who don't know, is a fun competitive game played on the ground, in a ring, with a volleyball. It combines soccer with dodgeball with volleyball...sort-of :)

All summer long during breaks and free time we saw crowds of campers and guests rallying around having fun together - it was awesome! Thank you to our awesome team of volunteers at Serve Camp for putting this together!

A-frame Carpet Project

Our amazing team of volunteers at Serve Camp helped us complete this project. The A-frame has been under development for a very long time and each improvement brings a greater level of use and comfort. We were able to cover our entire floor with a low-pile industrial carpet tile and even installed new flooring in our entrance way that matches the cabins. It really changed the look of our A-frame Chapel / Multi-purpose space and even reduced the noise level. Thank you so much everyone!!

The Hidden Chapel

Thanks to the hard work of our Summer Work Crew and volunteers from our Middle School Camp team and staff we were able to clear and reclaim a small area of camp we're calling "the Hidden Chapel" this small fire-pit area in the woods is something that campers have been using for years but not something we've been able to get much use of. This year we cleared it and saw it used by our Middle School Camp to hold an amazing time of worship, teaching, and decisions in God's creation. We also saw guest groups and individuals using this space as a place to pray or just get a way and think or read the Bible.  What a cool project everyone!