Q) What is your refund policy?

A) We do our best to accommodate people who find themselves having to cancel their reservation for some reason. We can offer a full refund up to 30 days prior to the event, half refund up to 14 days from event, and no refund within 3 days of the event (before the start of camp we have many expenses like food, supplies, t-shirts, etc. that are non-refundable). If you have special circumstances you would like us to be aware of or have to cancel for medical reasons please contact us at Office@PleasantValleyCamp.org.

Q) How do I register my child?

A) You have the option of registering here on the website. You can also call the camp to register OR check with your local church to see what arrangements they have made for registration.

Q) When I first arrive at camp with my kids what should I do?

A) Parking is on the left or across from the Welcome Center when you first drive in. We ask that you keep your camper’s luggage in your car until after check-in. Once you’re all checked in our volunteer staff will assist you to your camper’s cabin.

Q) When I pick up my child at the end of camp what should I do?

For the safety of our campers we ask that all campers check-out before they leave. Please do so by finding out check-out table – which will be very visible. During your registration process we will have asked you who is authorized to pick up your child from camp – make sure that the people on this list are the ones who show up to pick up!

Q) How do you handle medications?

A) The Camp Medic handles all medications whether prescription or over the counter. Please give instructions on proper dosages to our Camp Medic during check in. It is helpful if medications are individually labeled with the camper’s first and last name and then placed in a clear gallon zip-lock.

Q) What if my child has food allergies?

A) If your child has severe or dangerous food allergies please let us know before you arrive at camp. Parents who wish to provide their campers with supplemental food or snacks may do so. After you arrive at camp please inform our Camp Medic during check-in. They will then direct you to the kitchen where you will be able to leave small amounts of food for your campers and let our cook staff know about your child’s special needs.


A) While every camp schedule is slightly different generally a day at Pleasant Valley contains many of the same elements. We also feel it’s important that campers hear teaching from the Bible, worship, have cabin discussions, and spend time on their own studying the Word of God. We also play games, have free time, and spend time making friends! Below is an example of a camp schedule along with some of the activities that kids have the opportunity to participate in.

  • 7am – Rise and Shine
  • 8am – Breakfast
  • 9am – Session 1 (Worship and Bible Teaching)
  • 10am – Break / Recess
  • 10:30am – Session 2 (Small Groups)
  • 11:30am – Break / Recess
  • 12:00pm – Lunch
  • 1:00pm – Free Time (Hiking, Mini-Golf, Archery, Dodgeball, Crafts, Table Games, Horseshoes, Group Games)
  • 5:00pm – All Camp Game
  • 6:00pm – Dinner
  • 7:00pm – Evening Session
  • 8:30pm – Campfire
  • 9:30pm – Head to Bed
  • 10:00pm – Lights Out

Q) I saw a place during registration where I could put money in the camp store for my child, what’s this all about?

A) Generally at every camp there is an opportunity to go to the camp store once a day. Here we have many things for sale including candy, ice-cream, water, and soda. Most camps have a 2-item limit per day with most items costing between 50 cents and 1 dollar. We recommend that you budget around $2 a day for snacks. Additionally, we have shirts and hoodies for sale. Shirts are $10 and Hoodies are $20. Once you put money in online your child earns credit at the store (we do not give campers cash). At the end of camp you will have the opportunity to have unused money refunded to you or you may use this opportunity to make a donation to our camper scholarship fund.

Q) Does Pleasant Valley offer bedding or do I need to pack a sleeping bag?

A) Unfortunately we do not provide bedding and suggest that you packet at least a sleeping bag and pillow. 

Q) What should I pack for my child?

A) Each camp will send out a packing list which might contain special items specific to that camp but generally speaking here are a few necessities: socks and undergarments for several days, a least one pair of pants, shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirt, shoes (tennis shoes are best), sandals (for swim days), a swim suit, towel, toiletries, clothes you can get dirty in, sleeping bag and pillow, a bible, notebook, pen, and flashlight. Please do not bring cell phones, electronic games, mp3 players, pocket knives, fireworks (or weapons or explosives of any kind), kindles/iPads or e-readers, laptops (or really any electronics). Cameras are ok – but these often get lost! 

Q) Are scholarships available?

A) We have some scholarships available every year. Our resources are limited but your attending church may also offer partial or full scholarships. We ask that those who are able to pay any part of camper tuition do so – as it allows us to help more campers. To apply for a scholarship please download this form: 

If you would like to help other parents out with a scholarship check out the Best Summer Ever Page or to make a more conventional donation click on our “donate” link on the home page or mail a check to PO Box 175 Mineral, WA 98355. To give on the behalf of a specific camper please contact our main office.

Q) Who will be watching over my child?

A) We work very hard to have great leaders for your kids. These are parents, adults, and older age students who serve as counselors and leaders. All of our leaders have completed our volunteer application and interview and a (for those over 18) background check. They’ve been through our counselor training program and understand the need for having two counselors in each cabin, not being alone with a camper, and know how to help kids relate well with each other. These counselors are the best!

We also have a licensed RN serving as our nurse who is on site and available 24/7. When in the pool we have licensed and trained lifeguards and additional leaders acting as “spotters.” All of our paid camp staff and interns are CPR and First Aid Certified by the American Red Cross.

In an emergency the local fire department has a great response time of 5-7 minutes and we have both a emergency room (in Morton) and an urgent care (in Eatonville) within 20-30 minutes. We have 2 emergency, direct dial, 911 only telephones in the main camp for just such emergencies. All of our paid staff (summer and full time), including our nurse and lifeguard, also carry radios in case of emergencies.

Q) My child has never been to camp before. What if they get homesick?

A) It’s rare, but some kids do get homesick. We have a great group of student counselors and adult leaders that are trained to recognize when kids are beginning to feel homesick – and will help them find ways to connect them with friends and activities. If you’re worried that your child is going to be homesick we encourage you to write a letter or send a small present – something to be shared with their cabin or something to help them have fun. You can also write a letter and “mail” it to us by scanning it and emailing it to us. We’ll print it out and give it to them. And if they write back – we’ll scan it and send it back to you! 

We try and discourage kids from calling home because this often makes them feel more homesick – but if you want to connect with your child over the phone let us know and we’ll make it happen. Again – we don’t recommend it because we’ve noticed that homesick kids don’t generally feel better after talking with parents – they love you too much! It’s been our experience that if the camper calls home, it almost always ends up with them going home and missing out on the camp experience. Sometimes the best thing is the harder thing – camp is only a couple days and full of opportunities to build friendships and make memories for life – and we want your kids to stick around to experience that. Of course if your child is inconsolable we’ll give you a call and let you know so we can work together to help. In almost 99% of the cases where we can keep kids from calling home the campers (and their parents) are so glad they stayed!

Q) Can I contact my child at camp?

A) As we mentioned above, we’re going for a total unplugged experience. Kids who speak to parents on the phone during camp are more likely to be distracted or homesick. But there are other ways! Sneak a note into their suitcase (it’ll be a nice surprise!) or send them a letter encouraging them or send them a present they can share with their cabin! Obviously we’re available if it’s urgent – call the camp office at 360-492-3451. For after hours emergencies call our camp manager at 360-492-3456. If you have a non-emergency urgent message feel free to email us at: office@pleasantvalleycamp.org or leave a phone message in the office.

Q) When does camp start?

A) Check-in starts at different times. Check the website page for each camp for starting times.

Q) When do I pick up my child?

A) Camps end at different times. Check the website page for each camp for ending times.