Is Pleasant Valley equipped to handle adults?

Yes! Most of our sleeping arrangements are bunk beds which may limit use for some groups, especially those with older participants. Only using the bottom bunks in our sleeping areas will limit the number of people we can host to around 50. The rest of our camp features many spaces designed specifically for adults, including our Welcome Center with comfortable seating, tables, and optional Wi-Fi. 

Do you provide bedding?

We do not provide bedding. However, if you forget your sleeping bag or blanket we will do our best to offer you a loaner.

Is there food service available for guest rentals?

Yes! We can work with your group to offer food service as part of our rental package or provide our full-size industrial kitchen for your group to make and serve its own meals.

We’d like to make a winter reservation. Can we use the pool?

Our heated outdoor swimming pool is available during the summer but is closed before June 1 and after August 31.

Are there spaces for indoor activities and meetings?

Yes! In our multipurpose building, we have space for worship services, teaching, discussions, games, and other group activities.

Can I bring my immediate family to just go camping?

We operate as a non-profit and open our facilities to churches and other Christian organizations. We cannot offer camping for individual guests.