The Head Cook leads out team of kitchen workers and summer staff to minister to campers and guests through a great dining experience.

Job Purpose:

Provides leadership, organization, and support of all food presentation at Pleasant Valley Christian Camp for the camping season or other agreed upon period. Ensures a positive camper experience through quality meals, timely service, clean environments, a professional and friendly kitchen team, strong leadership, a positive attitude, and consistent improvement.


1) Participate in ongoing food service improvements and personnel training.

  • Undergo training prior to the start of the camping season
  • Participate in on-going discussions and reviews after each camp
  • Develop new methods, menu items, and new ways of better serving campers

2) Work with the Office Coordinator in ordering ingredients, supplies, and in creating menus

  • Make final decision in regards to food preparation methods, portions, and ingredients.
  • Offer direct and weighted input in discussions related to menu and meal schedules.
  • Maintain and order inventory of all food and kitchen supplies
  • Order food and supplies in preparation for camp

3) Develop a kitchen team that can setup, prepare, serve, and clean up after each meal in a timely manner.

  •   Provides direct leadership for assistant head cook and breakfast cook.
  • Present meals at the appropriate time by coordinating with camp program and schedule
  • Ensures the proper training and on-going improvement of all members of the kitchen team
  • Ensures that all proper health and safety rules, laws, and policies are observed.
  • Ensures that all equipment, preparation areas, serving areas, and dining areas are clean and setup properly.

4) Develop the Kitchen Team with a spirit of Christian service, professionalism, and quality.

  • Leads a devotional and prayer time with kitchen team daily
  • Lead a prayer time before each meal is served
  • Help develop and implement a ministry philosophy of food service for all kitchen staff and volunteers.
  • Sets schedules and areas of responsibility for kitchen team

Performance Factors:

  •   Attendance and Dependability: This position requires a consistent leadership and participation during camps to ensure that guests, campers, parents, and pastors are served well.
  •  Communication: This position requires effective communication both verbally and in writing with guests, volunteer directors, and camp staff.
  •  Relationship with Others: This position requires a person who is able to relate calmly, professionally, and well with others including guests, coworkers, and superiors.
  •  Flexibility and Attitude: This position also requires great flexibility and a positive attitude that can adjust to changing tasks and difficult situations.

 Meal Details: (*Summer Season Only)

  • Serve Camp (1,3,3,1) = 8 meals
  • *1st Chance Camp (1,3,1) = 5 meals
  • *High School (1,3,3,3,3,1) = 14 meals
  • *Middle School (1,3,3,3,1) = 14 meals
  • *Family Camp (1,3,3,3,3,3,1) = 17 meals
  • *Junior Camp (1,3,3,3,3,3,1) = 17 meals
  • Senior Saints (1,3,1) = 5 meals
  1. Summer Season = 67 meals (23 breakfasts)
  2. Full Season = 80 meals (28 breakfasts)

Typical* Daily Meal Schedule:

  • Breakfast (Between 8am and 9am)
  • Lunch (Between 11:30am and 12:30pm)
  • Dinner (Between 5:30pm and 6:30pm)

*All meal times will be scheduled in advance and communicated to the Head Cook. Some flexibility is required for meal service times due to the fluid nature of camp programs. Volunteer Directors and camp staff will do there best to ensure that campers and in the dining room for meals on time.