The CAMP MEDIC serves campers by providing on site MEDICAL supervision and assistance. It’s a ministry that requires patience, gentleness, and a whole ‘lotta love!

Camper health is our number one concern. While counselors make sure kids drink water and bandage a skinned knee – we rely on the knowledge and expertise of trained medical professionals for everything else. Our campers are  2nd Grade through High School. 

We do require that our medics are either a registered nurse (RN), licensed EMT with several years experience, or an M.D.. We offer accommodations and a small token of our appreciation in the form of a stipend for each week of camp served.

Overview of Responsibilities: 

  • Collects, Catalogues, and Hands Out Prescription Medication
  • Administers basic first-aid for a variety of minor injuries or sicknesses
  • Consults with Camp Staff and Volunteer Directors on sick campers
  • Oversees and advises on non-emergency hospital trips
  • Is one of the primary onsite contacts for emergency situations

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Monitors the health and well-being of campers, volunteers, and staffers on an on-going basis
  • Oversees the proper handling and distribution of all medicine.
  • Responds in an emergency, attending to the needs of the injured person(s), providing medical information to emergency personnel, and provides detailed accounts to both parents and Camp Manager.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Provide assistance and advice to cooks, camp staff, and volunteers regarding camper allergies and medical conditions (information provided by Camp Manager)
  • Pre-check prior to check in (check in day) to ensure proper understanding of the needs of campers.
  • Work during check-in to ensure all campers have turned in medication, all campers with allergies have been talked to, and all parents have communicated everything we need to know.
  • After check in all information is catalogued and all medications secured.
  • Emergency Allergy medication (inhalers & epi-pens, etc.) are given to adult counselors and conduct a brief training session on how to properly handle and administer medication (according to camp policies).
  • All other medication is checked and scheduled out for when, who, and how much should be given out. When not distributing medication ensure that everything is locked up and secured.
  • All medical and emergency information is stored in the binder.
  • Daily distribute all medications as prescribed by the doctor and according to parent’s instructions.
  • During the course of camp the nurse is on call 24/7 and available by radio and in person during this time. At night campers will contact the nurse by radio or by knocking on the nurse’s door.
  • Record all major injuries (anything other than basic scrapes and scratches) in incident reports.
  • Be aware of all signs and indications of abuse (physical, sexual, verbal, and neglect) and report to the Camp Manager immediately.
  • At the end of camp ensure all medication has been returned to campers and parents.