September 2-5, 2022

Redeemed, Renewed & Rejoicing!

She waited till noon to head to the well. It made it so much easier to avoid the other women. And if she would have seen Him sooner, she probably would have turned back toward home. But she didn’t. And she was so, so glad that she didn’t. Because one conversation with Jesus made all the difference…

Because her life had been hard, she’d made bad choices, she was flattened by the load she’d carried. You’ve got to come,” she panted, “He knows all about me and (gasp!) still loves me!”

It’s been a hard couple of years, so maybe you’re feeling the same way. So, please join us for a long weekend of stories – of Bible women, bruised and broken but oh, so blessed, and of sisters you haven’t met yet, who upon hearing their stories, may cause you to gasp, “What, you, too?” 

It’s going to be a great weekend of worship, stories, workshops both touching and fun, all in the middle of God’s amazing creation. Bring up your RV, tent, or stay in one of our cabins and be redeemed, renewed, and leave rejoicing!  

The planning team is Beth Stuart, Kim Jenott, and Nancy Waner. You’ll be hearing from them as well as Marita Lawrence, Sherry Thacker, and others. And we think you’ll leave camp singing Evan Craft’s song “Be Alright.”

This retreat begins Friday, Sept. 2nd with check-in starting at 7:00pm and closes Monday, Sept. 5th at 11:00am. Bring your RV, tent, or stay in one of our cabins. Can’t wait to see you!

Note: Bring an unfinished craft to work on!