Safety and Security Specific Questions:

Leaders: We work very hard to have great leaders for your kids. These are parents, adults, and older age students who serve as counselors and leaders. All of our leaders have completed our volunteer application and interview and a (for those over 18) background check. They’ve been through our counselor training program and understand the need for having two counselors in each cabin, not being alone with a camper, and know how to help kids relate well with each other. These counselors are the best!

Medical: We have a licensed RN, EMT, or medical doctor serving as our nurse who is on site and available 24/7. When in the pool, we have licensed and trained lifeguards and additional leaders acting as “spotters.” All of our paid camp staff and interns are CPR and First Aid Certified by the American Red Cross.

In an Emergency: The local fire department has a great response time of 5-7 minutes and we have both a emergency room (in Morton) and an urgent care (in Eatonville) within 20-30 minutes. We have 2 emergency 911 only telephones in the main camp (one by the Office and one by the Lodge) for just such emergencies. All of our paid staff (summer and full time), including our nurse and lifeguard, also carry radios in case of emergencies.

Camp Security: We have 4 camp staff that live on the property year round and are trained to be on the look-out for strangers or outsiders. Anyone, including parents, that come for a visit during a week of camp signs in and wear’s a visitor’s badge so we can easily identify them. We have also carefully marked the edges of our boundaries with signs (and other obstacles when possible) to ensure no one trespasses. No student is ever outside the supervision of a counselor.